17 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Business

17 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Business

This is a list of actionable marketing tips for real estate professionals.

In fact, these same strategies helped the best-performing agents today.

So if you want to get more leads from every one of your marketing efforts, you’ll love this list of tips, techniques, and strategies.

Let’s get started.

Here are 17 real estate marketing ideas that will grow your business:

1. Stand out on maps with free business profiles

One of the most important real estates on organic (non-paid) search results is the map section.

This is an opportunity to take charge of your first impression on search, make it personalized for your business, and drive more leads.

Google wants to show businesses on Maps based on proximity, and this is a huge advantage for Real Estate agents.

Creating your Google Business listing
  • Go to this link.
  • Put your business name and go to the next page.
  • Choose “real estate agent” as the business category.
  • Do you have a physical office location or not? This is extremely important.

If you do not have an office, choose “No” here:

Google Business registration - Choosing a location
  • Choose the areas you service within a 2-hour drive away from where your office/main serving location is.

You can add up to 20 of these.

Use this wisely to target your main cities, suburbs, zip codes, and neighborhoods (without overlapping).

Overlapping means if you chose a city, then don’t choose specific neighborhoods or ZIP codes within that city.

That would be considered overlapping.

Do not just select “within 5 miles radius”.  This is important.

  • Add essential information to your listing
  • Add your business photos, logos, and other branded materials

You can add most of this information by logging in to your Google Business account and clicking on “Info” on the left-hand-side panel:

Google Business account - Info section

You can also make these changes from the search panel itself on Google.

Just like the FAQ section as will be discussed below.

In fact, Google is getting rid of the management panel and all changes will be done through the search results soon.

Adding FAQ's to your Google Business

To add the FAQ section you need to head over to the “Info” section as seen in the photo above.

At the top of that section you will see something like this:

How to view your listing from Google Business dashboard

Click on View on Search and you will see your listing with an option to add questions:

How to add FAQs to your Google Business Listing
Important tips for your Google Business Listing


Your company name, your address (if you have one), and your phone number must match across the web.

This means:

  • Your websites
  • Other classifieds
  • Social media
  • Yellow Pages
  • etc…

This would include the areas that you serve/your address, which you specified in your Google Business profile.

A good description 

You should describe your business using terms that people search for (ex/ real estate agent, realtor, service areas which you are targetting, etc…)

Choose the right category

The category you choose as the primary one is extremely important, the subcategories less so.

Learn how to publish content on your Google Business Listing

Every social media platform has its own way of triggering users.

Google Business is a platform to communicate to your customers, answer reviews, messages, and questions, and post-professional posts, and offers.

Make sure to ask people for reviews and when they review, answer them.

2. Turn emails into revenue

You have the ability RIGHT NOW to turn your emails into revenue and motivation.

We are going to go step by step and send an email to all your contacts.

Sounds simple right? Well… It is.


There is a proven method behind this and points that you might have overlooked in the past.

How it works

Emailing everyone you know might sound funny.

You might already be getting nervous about “what will that guy think of me”.

Forget it…

No one cares, and no one will lose sleep over your email.

The goal here is to get you started, to open the door for more business, and to build an email list NOW.

  • The first thing is to try and find every single email account you own, log in to these accounts and make a list of all the emails, from all the contacts you have.
  • For Gmail: go to this link
  • Select “Other contacts” (everyone that you have ever emailed, not just in your contacts) from the left-hand side panel:
Emailing all contacts from Google - "other contacts"

From there you can email all, export them to Google sheets, and more. 

Now, assuming you have more than 500 on there (less is also fine).

The next step is to email them.

But how?

If you have less than 500 then you can use Gmail to email all of them.


Instructions from Google to email all your contacts

If you have more than 500 contacts then we have to take a different route.

We have 2 options I personally like.

MailChimp or Sendinblue (300 per day limit).

Instructions for Mailchimp: Visit this link.

Instructions for Sendinblue: Register here and follow the steps.

But… which one is better?

Good question, here is a seemingly none bias opinion from HubSpot: 

Summary from Hubspot of when to choose Sendinblue or Mailchimp
Click to see image in full size

There is another option to export your contact list into a spreadsheet and email them 500 a day through Gmail.

But be careful, as your account could get suspended for spamming.

Another issue with using Gmail is not being able to see the open rate, which is important, and you will see why soon.

The downside if you use the free version of Mailchimp or Sendinblue then you will have a cap and also the branding of the email service providers.

But for this purpose, that’s ok.

You have the list, now it’s time to send your email.

This is how to do it:

So we are all ready, we have the email service provider, and we got our contacts.

I did some research and found the best guide out there.

It’s long, so I took out the pieces that I felt were the most appropriate for real estate agents.

You can see the full source below.

First email example for real estate agents

You want to send emails…

  • When people are awake
  • When people’s inboxes aren’t crowded
  • Send your emails out when your subscribers’ inboxes are empty. This is usually late morning or early afternoon.


Follow “The 80/20 Rule” of Email Content

The 80/20 Rule of Email Content is simple:

80% of your emails should provide value.

And 20% should pitch your products and services.

  • Ruthlessly Delete Non-Openers
  • Use 15px+ Font
  • Keep Things Personal
  • Test Short Subject Lines

Information summary using Brian Deans guide from Backlinko – Full guide about email marketing

How should our email look?

  • Our email should be personal
  • Let our contacts know about our real estate business
  • Let them know that we are saving them on our list (you must have an unsubscribe option)
  • Present our website
  • Social media
  • Adding value for them

This is not against the 80/20 rule.

Because most of the points above are checked off instantly.


Presenting them with our website and social profiles is accomplished with our signature. 

So now that you have this information, you can start drafting your beneficial email.

A signature is very important for branding purposes, as well as offering some kind of deal.

The offer can be an affiliate offer as will be discussed in the next tip.

3. Expand your reach through incentives

Affiliate marketing is one of the most sought ways to market products and services.

As you may know from yourself, referrals and word of mouth bring the best if not most of your business.

These referrals can grow by offering people an incentive to promote your business.

Affiliate marketing is estimated to be worth $12 billion globally - Google Search

So how could we capture the attention of someone to start thinking about people that want to buy or sell real estate?

Very easy…

Offer them 10% of what you will make at the end.

Sounds crazy right?


By incentivizing something extremely easy on their part (giving you a lead)…

And offering them 10% (try to be specific on what that could amount to), every normal person will think for a second:

Hmm… “Who do I know that needs to buy or sell right now?”

You are probably thinking:

“But that’s too much to give”, etc…

Yes, it’s a lot.

On the flip side, the value, networking,  marketing, branding, and getting your name out there in your community are beyond worth it.

Go ahead and draft your incentive.

4. Make a powerful impact

Drive new leads and customers like 2 magnets that stick together…

You can put a magnet into someones imagination and have the other magnet appear in places they visit.

This is done by creating brand material and being consistent with it.

Good brand material includes content, visual design, audio and video.

How to write good content?

Write interesting, easy to read, and visual content

People have short attention spans so your content should be shorter paragraphs, dividing imagery/gifs/video in between, and a large enough font to see.

Write positive content

Your content should provide a benefit, it should be positive (read the 17 titles of this post), and it should arouse emotion.

Connect your content with the audience

Each social platform, including email and WhatsApp, has its own user base.

Content that performs well on any platform is in line with what the user base of that platform wants to see.

Here are some official examples from the social giants themselves, that people often don’t know about:

(I chose Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because they are the best for real estate agents).

How to make good content for Twitter
How to make good content for Facebook
How to make good content for Instagram
Visuals, Audio and Video (branding material)

You can do all of this with Canva or pay for someone to do it on Fiverr or Freelancer.

  • Create a good logo 
  • Make an intro sound with your logo for videos (short, catchy, 2-5 seconds)
  • Make a good video intro (very short) that’s catchy
  • Create a color palette of your brand

This is going to be your JINGLE and Jingles are successful.


Because they are stuck in your head.

You are going to take these points and use them with every email and every post (on or offline).

This is not to say that every post has to include all the points above, but that you have these brand materials when needed.

This is how to get started
  1. Create your branding materials
  2. Decide on which social media platforms you are going to use
  3. Find the official resource for that platform and study what works 
  4. Create a content schedule for the next month, for each one of the platforms you chose, and make this according to what works on each platform
  5. Analyze which posts worked best on which platform and try to repeat the same theme/style of post

The goal here is to create a traffic source for your website, a fan base, and for your brand to ring in people’s ears.

Think of that plumber, handyman, or moving company that you just keep seeing everywhere…

This is where you need to be.

And it’s funny to say but you see them less than you think. 

They just did a good job at placing magnets around.

5. Stand out from the crowd

You can grow your business by simply learning from the best.

As a matter of fact, not just learn from them but do it even better.

By utilizing good research skills and gleaning from what works, you can set yourself up for success easily.

This is how to stand out as a real estate agent

The first step is to make 3 lists.

  1. The real estate agents who are doing well in my local area.
  2. The real estate agents who are doing well nationally or even internationally.
  3. Find material – realtor and agency websites you like the most, the ones that are the most popular, find the best real estate social media influencers, find the best real estate advertisements in print, and so on and so forth.

So now that you have these 3 lists…

  • Boil down each list to your 2-5 favorites.
  • Follow them on their social media platforms.
  • Subscribe to their email list.
  • Make a good observation of their social media, email, and branding material.
  • Take all the best points from each one, combine these points together and do it better than them.

I would look at their emails, their posts, and their websites, and see a common denominator in all of them.

You should fill in all the blanks that each one is missing while the other one has it.

Your emails, posts, and content will have nothing missing.

6. Make a results driven website

A good website will convert views into leads and customers.

The way to get that done is by cutting out the fluff and focusing on what’s important.

Users come to your website to glean basic information and make contact.

In order to bring you more success, your website needs to guide the user in the right direction.

How to make a good real estate website

Let’s take a look at the top 3 real estate websites, and the top 3 agent websites.

They spend millions of dollars to make sure their websites/apps convert visitors.

This is the best place to glean information from.

I personally like data from SimilarWeb for this kind of thing.

Here is what it has to show:

Top 3 real estate websites according to SimilarWeb

The top 3 real estate websites are:

Our job now is to take apart the homepage and see what these websites consider the most important to be the face of their business.

1. Zillow
  • Search bar to find homes/listings
  • 3 calls to action for buying, selling, and renting

2. Realtor

  • Search bar to find homes/listings
  • New listings showcase
  • Call to action for sellers
  • Featured homes
  • Blogs
  • Interesting local facts
  • Reviews
  • Call to action for a loan
  • Call to action to get a newsletter

3. Rightmove

  • Search bar to find homes/listings
  • Blogs/tips

The top 3 real estate agents based on Newsweek:

We will now take the website apart as I did above, and see what sections the website has.

1. Alexa P Lambert

  • Picture, contacts
  • About section
  • Listings

2. Jade Mills

  • Hero, with a call to action to search all homes
  • 4 call to action: search, featured listings, blog, work with us
  • About me snippet leading to about page
  • Featured videos, press
  • Contacts

3. Serena Boardman

  • Hero, with a call to action to search all homes
  • About me snippet leading to about page
  • Featured videos, press
  • Featured listings
  • Showcase of sold
  • Newsletter
  • Contacts

Bottom line...This is what your site should look like

  • A hero with a clear message and contact details
  • Alerts sign up
  • A call to action for buying a home, selling a home, and rentals (if offered)
  • Properties you are working with now
  • Properties you have dealt with
  • Reviews from real customers

Here is a visual outline example to make sense of it:

If you are not a professional designer (like me), this is the sort of mockup to provide a web designer. 

You would also need to include the about page and inner pages but the face of the website is what matters.

The wording should be direct, strong, positive, and show the user some kind of benefit of working with you. 

The best way to find good wording is by looking at the advertisement giants.

Take Google as an example, go to Google Adwords, and see the kind of language they use in their sales content.

You should aim to do the same.

I will speak about SEO in the coming chapters but today, SEO is about being really good at producing good content and driving traffic.

You can utilize your blog, previous work, and targetted traffic to be a known and useful site.

Your homepage doesn’t have to be a keyword-stuffed page for that.

Heatmapping and conversion tracking

One of the most important things to make sure you are placing the user on your website in front of the right points is heatmapping.

What’s heatmapping?

It’s basically a picture that tells you what parts of your website are the hottest. It does this by providing a few reports:

  • Heatmap – where the user’s mouse moves the most
  • :Scroll report – where users scroll and where users stop scrolling
  • Clicks report – where do users click on your site the most
  • Video – most tools will provide you with a video screen share of your users interaction on the website

This will in turn help you understand how to restructure or leave your site as is.

The tool I enjoyed using the most was CrazyEgg.

Conversion tracking

It’s extremely important to track where your leads come from.

They will primarily be coming from calls and form submissions.

  • Call tracking could be done through CallRail.
  • Form submissions could be tracked through Google Analytics.

7. Reach the people who want to hear from you

There are plenty of people on the internet who are interested in your knowledge.

They are asking questions and posting information.

By making yourself a useful source of information, you will drive more traffic to your brand.

  • Classified sites
  • Facebook groups
  • Local newspapers (A lot of them allow free listings)
  • Answering questions on Quora and Reddit
  • Local business directories
  • Use Google trends to see what people are interested in when it comes to real estate in your area.
  • Forums and communities that are in your field. 

8. Grow your business through paid advertising

Succeful agents invest in some sort of paid advertising.

You can drive a lot of new business by knowing where your target customer is and at what time.

By exploring what has worked for others, bringing old users back, testing and repeating…

You will be the agent that stands out.

Here is where a real estate agent should invest his money in ads:

  • Remarketing – target users that have visisted your website already and show up when they browse the web.
  • Google ads 
  • FaceBook ads
  • Local classifieds sites and business directories

9. Expand your online reach through offline methods

In the Google SEO guidebook, they clearly mention offline methods.

Offline methods are probably the ones that make a lot of businesses grow the most.

EX/ TV, Radio, and print advertising.

You can easily start utilizing these methods to get more leads today.

Remember it’t not always about getting more clients, but also about getting your brand out there.

10. Convert views into leads

Build your email list and phone numbers list from every view, wherever possible.

Having direct contact with people with a systematic strategy will have them coming to you at the right time.

There are certain places you can set up cues for people to submit their emails and phone numbers, apart from your website. 

It will work out great whether they submit the info or save your information.

So how do I do this?

  • Create a signature with your main social profiles, email, and phone number, and post it wherever possible.


So every photo that you post on social media would contain your email and phone number, plus your username information, and every email would contain links to all social profiles and phone numbers, etc…

  • Your WhatsApp status and all other social media descriptions/statuses should include this information
  • All quora, forum postings, and the like
  • Call to action should be added wherever possible to contact you like Google Business, Facebook, and your website
  • You should include a free live chat from HubSpot on your website to collect emails


11. Be known by branding your WhatsApp

Whatsapp, telegram and other instant chat messengers are great for having you in peoples minds at the right time.

By making use of the different options to promote what you do, you can turn your contacts into future customers.

Making a few simple changes can drive tremendous results in the future.

So how can WhatsApp help me as a real estate agent?

  • Create branded status updates once a day
  • Allow people to msg you on WhatsApp from wherever possible
  • Your profile picture should promote your brand
  • Your description should promote your brand

12. Gain SEO power by spotlightng your work

Search has become very localized and people have short attention spans.

By projecting your work, and tagging different types of Real Estate, locations, and people, it will be easier for people to find you on search engines and social media.

SEO has tremendous power to get people searching for your service and this is one of the best ways to do it.

The way to do that is by having a section on the website of your previously dealt with houses that includes information like:

  • Neighborhood + city
  • Address
  • Sold, bought, rented, etc…
  • For how much
  • Picture/s of property (each picture should include an alt tag describing what the image is)

13. Target your circle and future customers

Local communities are extremely important.

As a matter of fact, the interaction on Facebook groups VS. pages is very different.

It’s more personal.

Social media could be used as a launchpad for you to be known in your local and broader community.

By community I mean 2 things:

  • Your fellow real estate professionals
  • Potential customers

Every city and even neighborhood today has groups on FaceBook and WhatsApp.

Your job is to find the quality, none spammy groups and become a valuable member.

This requires patience, communication and not being scared to get out there and offer something to people. 

The goal here is not to promote yourself with posts (that will happen naturally because people see your name and what you are associated with). 

The goal is to answer questions that you know answers too, post valuable tips about deals and things that you yourself would have liked to know about if you didn’t.

Ask your friends, neighbors, collegues if they are part of any WhatsApp groups or FaceBook groups and you will be surprised how much you will find.

14. Get shares by posting content for the ones that share (not potential clients)

You can get a lot of shares to your social media postings today.

The main part of your strategy should focus on people who are going to share your content.

Not your clients.

Finding the audience that will share your content will retroactively bring in more clients.

Here is how to do this:

  • Make a list of the top social influencers for each social platform in your city/state
  • Go through every single one of their pages, and pick out the best performing posts
  • You should have a pretty long list
  • Boil it down to the topics that are shared the most right now and how the posts are structured
  • Create a schedule for each one of these types of posts and see what works for you

15. Help people get to know you by getting reviews

Reviews are key for SEO, Maps, and potential customers.

Growing your testimonials will grow the decision-makers that will make you more money.

You can get more reviews TODAY by sending out a few messages.

This is how you can get more reviews:

  • Always add the Google Business profile review link to your business
  • PRIVATELY ask all of your friends and family to give you a review on Google
  • Ask your previous clients
  • Ask clients that don’t end up doing business with you to review how their exp. was with you, even though they didn’t choose to go with you (in most cases, they will give you a good review) 
  • Make it part of your process to ask for reviews and never underestimate the power of many reviews

16. Use the skyscraper technique to provide a better service

Brian Dean has created a Skyscraper technique to drive more traffic to websites.

We will borrow the concept to make your Real Estate business convert more customers.

By observing the best out there, you need to take notes, and sharpen your services to include all and be better than them.

This is how you can be the 1-stop shop real estate agent:

  • Professional design and photography
  • Remote open houses
  • Virtual tours of the home
  • Answering phone calls, and emails quickly
  • Providing TOP NOTCH customer service, to every client, even if you had a bad day
  • Having a schedule for content, emails, social media, networking, community participation, and STICKING TO IT
  • Creating videos for your listings
  • Always being groomed, neat, organized and providing a good impression
  • You should have a mentally and physicallly healthy pressence

17. Find the right linkreators and make a powerful blog

A Linkreator is another concept that was put on display by Brian Dean.

As a matter of fact, this blog post is using this technique.

In order for your website to get backlinks and climb the ranks of Google, you need content that people will link to.

This is a whole discussion, and you can check out the course on SEMrush, but for now, I will outline a bit of it.

  • Find the websites that speak around the real estate topic
  • Note what the top 5-10 first posts on these sites are
  • Find 3-5 topics that you would be interested to write about
  • Jewird researcg eacg tiouc ti fubd a neduyn competition keyword
  • Do LOTS of research about the subject,and write a peice of content that encompasses everything you need to know about that subject
  • Build backlinks from relevent sources

This is a very simple overview of what needs to get done, I would highly recommend to take Brian Deans course for this.