It’s Possible to Donate Real Estate With a Mortgage – Find Out How

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donate real estate with mortgage

Many people ask if they can donate real estate with a mortgage or lien on it.

The answer is yes.

The donation process is the same but the way to do it is a little different.

Your contribution would be considered a bargain sale.

The final tax deduction would be of the same value you would have gotten, minus the amount we paid to cover the mortgage.

What Properties Can I Donate With a Mortgage?

This goes for both commercial and residential real estate.

How Do I Donate My Property With a Mortgage?

The first step is to fill out our online application form or give us a call at 1 855 753 2099.

We will then review and confirm your application.

Once everything is complete, we will send you a tax receipt.

Visit our general real estate donation tax page for more info.

Is This a Good Idea For Me?

While donating has been a good option for many people, each case is different.

We suggest to fill out the application or give us a call to understand your situation.

Or speak with your accountant/tax advisor about taking the next step.

The mortgage or lien is not a road block if you want to donate and we can get it done provided a mutual agreement.