About Our Charity

DonateMyHouse was born out of a dream to simplify the charitable real estate donation process. Many real estate proprietors find it exhausting and challenging to maintain or sell their property and are often unaware that donation is an option. We take pride in helping property owners solve their woes by getting rid of unwanted real estate through a fast, streamlined process that involves minimal donor effort.

We cut the middleman out of the equation, so you deal directly with us, at no cost to you. Once you fill out a property snapshot form and after a thorough evaluation by our experts, you can be on your way to donating your property in as little as three weeks and receiving a host of tax benefits that can last a lifetime.

Why Work With Us?

We make sure that as a donor, you receive the best tax deduction possible, while we are transparent and assist you throughout the donation process.

Additionally, as an affiliate of Kars4Kids, when you donate your property to our non-profit organization, you have the benefit of knowing that your donation goes to helping a good cause. Specifically, your donation proceeds help fund childhood education and mentorship programs that will help build and guide future generations.

Hundreds of property donors have already begun reaping the benefits of donating via DonateMyHouse, now it’s your turn! 


DonateMyHouse is a Jewish non-profit organization. As part of our duty, we believe it is essential to build a base for children to grow into productive community members. Our charity’s mission is to give children opportunities and support through educational and mentorship programs that create a solid foundation and network in which children can thrive. We take a holistic, inclusive approach to our goal by implementing programs such as educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach, and cultural events.

Summer camps, extracurricular programs, holiday retreats, and additional educational resources are also available for children year-round, so children never feel closed out from reaching their full potential. Touching a child’s life through valuable mentorship and a listening ear can make a world of difference.