How to donate a house to a charity in New York?

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how to donate a house in new york

The New York housing market is mostly multifamily housing. 

However there are still a good amount of single family housing as well.

Selling a house in New York might sound exciting but there are lots of expenses like maintenance costs, bureaucracy, and fees including fines.

People who are educated on how real estate donations work and what the benefits are, including real estate agents, are prone to look into donating the house vs. selling it.

There are 5 steps to donate your house in New York

The process takes between 3 to 6 weeks and the cost for you is free, beyond the time invested on your part.

Charities try to make the process as simple as possible while handling all the paperwork for you.

  1. Find a reputable charity
  2. Tell them about your property
  3. Wait for an answer back
  4. Sign the closing documents
  5. Deal with tax deductions and other benefits offered

How to get started with us

Tell us about your property

Either give us a call at 1 855 753 2099

Or fill out this 2 minute questionnaire:

We will then contact you and see what’s the best solution for you at this time. 

Working with us is easy and our team has a lot of experience with all sorts of properties from almost all states.

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