How to donate land in Tuolumne county

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How to donate land in Tuolumne county

A place that consists of the red hills, Stanislaus national forest, Yosemite national park, and Valleys like the grand canyon of the Toulmuine is a manifestation of nature’s beauty without the urban noise.

Owners of land in this area, whether inherited, vacation-based, or business-related may have a hard time selling it.

There are also fees to maintain such property which make it hard to own.

If you are looking to get rid of your land in Tuolumne County, California then donating is an option for you to consider.

There are 5 steps to donate land in
Tuolumne County

The process takes between 3 to 6 weeks and the cost for you is free, beyond the time invested on your part.

Charities try to make the process as simple as possible while handling all the paperwork for you.

  1. Find a reputable charity
  2. Tell them about your property
  3. Wait for an answer back
  4. Sign the closing documents
  5. Deal with tax deductions and other benefits offered

How to get started with us

Tell us about your property

Either give us a call at 1 855 753 2099

Or fill out this 2 minute questionnaire:

We will then contact you and see what’s the best solution for you at this time. 

Working with us is easy and our team has a lot of experience with all sorts of properties from almost all states.

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