Donation Options For Different Ownership Types

Find out if you are able to donate based on your current ownership of the property.
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DonateMyHouse works with many types of properties that fall under a variety of ownership categories. Our goal is to make donating your real estate to a charity as seamless as possible and so we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to accommodate a wide range  of owners.

Specifically, our non-profit organization handles properties that fall under 5 main classifications:

Vacation properties can often be underused and neglected leaving a large maintenance bill and even a bigger hassle to deal with. If you are finding your vacation owned real estate to be more of a burden than a solid place to escape to, then donation may be the right answer for you. 

Whether as an entire property or for specific use, rental property owners can choose to donate their real estate to charity and can expect to receive large tax deduction in return.

We accept rental buildings, owned apartments and houses. 

Sometimes inherited real estate can be a pain to manage and can involve many hours of fixing up for it to be market ready. Donating the property could be an easy solution to a potentially financially burdensome obligation. 

As a real estate developer or even as a private individual, occasionally property and land investments do not go as planned. Rather than having to go through the arduous, painful process of selling a depreciated property, donation could provide you an easy way out of a bad investment while you receive multiple tax deductions.

The most basic form of ownership is that of an individual owning his/her very own property. Deciding to donate your property as a private individual could be the best way to rid yourself of unwanted property and receive lasting financial benefits.