What Is This Contract?

A contract is a legal document which combines the interest of both parties on whether they want to be in a partnership or not. The real estate donation agreement is no different.

When it comes to donating a property, this agreement is usually between the buyer/seller, broker and the non profit accepting the donation.

Types of Agreements

  • Referral based – sometimes brokers have clients with hard to sell properties. In such a case a donation might be worth while to look at.
  • Commission agreement – If you or your office deems it necessary (broker agreement).
  • Donor agreements – Closing papers.

Our Process

  • Tell us about your real estate – simply give us a call, fill out the form on our site or send us a chat.
  • Our team gets busy – just sit back and relax.
  • Closure – the property is closed, sign and receive a tax-deduction.

It’s as simple as that. You can find a land of these contracts for property donations online but we suggest to do some research and contact a reputable non profit organization to handle all your paperwork.

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Donate real estate like this one. Zero cost, major tax deduction, and a simple process.