Charitable Donations and Real Estate Commissions

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Real Estate agents (brokers) can sign up, refer clients (owners with properties that are hard to sell) and receive their commission when the owner successfully closed with the charity.

These programs offer an affiliate commission after the real estate has been closed.

Kars4Kids offers brokers the “full sales commission”.

The Benefits of Real Estate Commissions From Donated Property

The client gets a nice tax deduction, which is almost like cash because it’s for the value of the sold property. The process is very hands off and free.

The affiliate gets the full commission on the donated property. It’s better for the broker than being stuck with something they can’t sell and the client is satisfied from the process.

The process can take as little as two weeks!

So…What’s The Commission?

Whatever was on the contract between the real estate agent and the client.

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Donate real estate to charity. Zero cost, major tax deduction, and a simple process.