50 Cent Donated His House to Charity

“50 cent” by aleksey.const is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent) is an American rapper, writer, producer, actor and businessman.

The hip hop star bought a property in 2003/2004 from the popular boxer Mike Tyson.

Price: $4.1 Million

Location: Farmington, Connecticut

Size: 50,000 square foot

In 2007 the house was renovated and relisted for $18.5 million.

The Renovated House

  • 21 bedrooms
  • 25 bathrooms
  • Indoor pool
  • Pond
  • 9 Kitchens
  • Casino
  • Nightclub
  • Recording studio
  • A billiards pool
  • Professional game room
  • Home theatre
  • Green screen room
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts

Check out photos of the renovated house.

The Property Was Hard to Sell

With all this, things didn’t go so well. Curtis was on the Stephen Colbert show and said:

“You know when you look down the hallway in your house and you don’t wanna go down there? Things would break because you didn’t use them (regularly). You didn’t turn it on, now the light is flickering.”

Hardships and High Bills

He managed to keep the house even though he filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

The upkeep of the property was almost $70k a month.

50 Cent made some attempts to sell the home and lowered the asking price a few times.

In 2018 the star appeared on the ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ show and said:

“”It feels like it’s better if I actually give it away.”

The property was initially taken off the market and he was even suggesting to donate the property.

The huge estate was sold in 2019 for $2.9 Million (which is about 80% less than the asking price). The house was sold to an undisclosed buyer.

Light At The End of The Tunnel, Massive Contribution to The G-Unity Foundation

Mr. Jackson donated the proceeds to his non profit organization which was founded in 2003 and launched to help low-income communities in the United States. The G-Unity Foundation is focused on helping urban kids to get the necessary tools to excel at life.

The G-Unity foundation gives grants to programs that promote social and leadership skills development for young people across the United States.

Closing Note and a Good Piece of Advice From 50 Cent

When 50 was speaking to Oprah Winfrey in 2012 he said that buying this home was a reminder to keep check of where your money goes.

“‘Mike earned over $400 million … he sold the property to me when he couldn’t keep it. So it keeps you conscious of it. I never understand how artists get in a great situation and then not have time to count money. Like, I have plenty of time. I’ll sit down and count the money with the accountant.”

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